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1.Right from the beginning our policies are simply commitment,hardwork ,honesty and trust

2.Our policy is based on Unique “turn-key approach”ie each and everything is designed and developed by company professionals .Turnkey approach brings lots of advantage for clients like Single handed approach,brandedmaterial,hasale free work,no risk for the client, technical viability,professionaltouch,cost effective solution,time saving approach and on time delivery of the project (only pre condition is payment according to schedule given by the company)

3.From the very start Drawings,designing,,material (Selected by company professional ) ,labour ,contractors,interior designers &architects,engineers all are of company .Client has just to turn-key of the completed customized project .

4.Client has to pay according the payment schedule given in the agreement duly signed .

5.Any contingencies like pilferage ,loss in transit,loss by labor is to be borne by the company.

6. Providing free consultancy ,Drawings,3d renderings on approval of the project .


Step -1. At the time ,Enquires relating to our turnkey interior project is received or pin pointed ,Our customer care executive make known about our working and turnkey concept to the client by telephonic conversation.

Step -2. The mobile number of the client to be given to our senior staff  to talk to.they again make a confirmation call and clear the concept to the client and ask the convenient time for meeting , presentation and site visit

Step-3.In the meeting presentation is given to the client and clarification if any is resolved ,Likesand requirement of client is assessed carefully ,If old drawings are available photo copy is received,than site is visited to evaluate the costing .

Step-4.(a)Engineers and interior designers of the company prepare the costing including brand specifications ,estimation and payment schedules ,by surveying and careful selection of material .Than cost is discussed by having a suitable time for meeting again or cost to be sent over mail id or whatsapp  to study or alterations and suggestions on the client side. (b)Receiving alterations from the client ,adjustments are made in costing accordingly to get approved by the client in the meeting (By having suitable time)

Step -5.In the meeting the costing is approved and duly signed by director of the company and the client.By having token amount as per schedule for confirmation of the project ,work is started over planning ,drawings and 3d view rendering ,We provide number of designs to choose from for excecution .when designs got approved by the client than the development   and execution is started, receiving the payment given in the schedule of payment given in document of costing.


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