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Q.1 What is Turnkey interior?

Ans.Turnkey refers something ready to use like wise Turnkey interior  means company will execute and develop each and every thing by company in-house staff  using its expertise,planning,drawings,branded material and labor in such a way as client has just to “turn the key” of the completed project.


Q.2 What is the strategy of the working of the company?

Ans.At the time when client enquiry is pin pointed .Company staff including interior designer ,architect and engineers visit the site of the client by having the suitable time ,give presentation of the work done by the company ,discuss the requirement of the client .As per requirement of the client cost is analyzed  and prepared in which brand ,specifications,estimation,terms and conditions and payment scheduled is mentioned.Getting the approval of the costing from the client (Taking token amount as per payment schedule for confirmation of the project )work is started over planning,drawings and 3d views for reality look , we provide number of designs to choose from .After finalization of designs ,execution of site work started as per payment scheduling.


Q.3 Is visit and consultancy charged by the company ?

Ans.No ! It is complimentary when work is done by the company or to be adjusted in the cost . But when work is not done by the company Rs 5000 is charged by the company within 100-150 kilometers for its consultancy,site visit charges.


Q.4 What is the interior decoration cost of the site ?

Ans.Well! We cannot assess the exact cost because it differs from site to site but for residential interior it comes around Rs 1500-2500 per square feet, commercial interior it comes around Rs 1500-3000 per square feet and for corporate interior it comes around 2500-3500 per square feet using branded material and labour including everything like electrical work lighting, HVAC false ceiling, flooring, sanitary/plumbing, furniture , partitions, security solutions, textures/wall covering, paintings, murals, statures, indoor fountain, curtains/blinds and electrical appliances like ac, fridge, led tv, chimmny and gysers etc.


Q.5 What are the benefit of Turnkey approach ?

Ans.There are lots of benefits1.Hassle free work, 2.single handed work,3.professional touch,4.on time delivery of project ,5.Cost effective solution ,6.technical viability ,7.quality workmanship, material selection by experts last but not the least 9. low risk for the client.


Q6.Are there any complimentary services provided by Royaltech interiors ?

Ans.Yes ! Royaltech interior provides 1. Free consultancy,2.Site visits at no extra cost,3.Planning ,Drawings,3d rendering views and 4.No charges or fees of its interior designers & engineers since they are in house staff 5.No contingency factor .These are the services provided by Royaltech interior to its client free of cost.


Q7.What about the services provided after completion of projects ?

Ans.Defect liability period (DLP) after completion of project is three months from completion date .And replacement warranty or guarantee will remain the same given by manufacturer of electronic and electrical appliances.


Q8.What are area of service provided by the Company ?

Ans. Provide the services on Pan india or overseas depending upon the viability and size of the project . Royaltech interior particularly provides its services in Delhi ,NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Himanchal Pradesh,Pujab,Harayana ,Rajesthan and Madhya Pradesh